Eye-Catching Garden Planters

You might think that a pair of old tyres should be consigned to the rubbish dump, but with a little paint and some colourful plants, they can be turned into an eye-catching planter.


Wash the tyres thoroughly, scrubbing them clean. Then paint them the colour of your choice.

Choose a suitable site for the tyres, bearing in mind the plants you wish to grow in them, then simply set one tyre on top of the other.

Fill the centre of the tyre planter with compost, firming it down with your hands as you go. If you have not used a polythene lining, make sure you work the compost into the insides of the tyres to prevent any subsidence later.

Continue adding compost until it reaches a level where the plant rootballs can be set on it with their tops level with the rim of the top tyre. Then add the central plant of the display, in this case Fuchsia ‘Winston Churchill’.

Add the remaining plants, spacing them around the Fuchsia to give an informal, pleasing arrangement. Fill between the plants with more compost, firming it with your fingertips to ensure good contact with the plants’ roots.

Large containers for outdoor displays can be expensive, but with a little imagination, it is surprising what you can achieve, using the most unlikely of items. Here, a pair of old tyres has been used to make an effective raised planter that is filled with Summer colour.

If stood on a paved surface, line the planter with polythene and add a layer of drainage material to prevent water and compost leaching out and discolouring the paving. Other-wise, simply build up the compost on the ground.


In isolation

Using old tyres to build a raised planter provides an opportunity to grow plants that will not tolerate the soil in the garden. For example, Rhododendron and Azalea hate limey soils, but they will grow happily in the confines of a tyre planter filled with ericaceous compost.


Paint the tyres with oil-based gloss paint or masonry paint to resist the weather.

27. June 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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