Expert Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Grow-Bags

Growing Tomatoes in Grow-Bags

One of the most successful methods of growing tomato plants, is by the system of growing tomatoes in grow-bags. The bags used contain tomato compost which is specially formulated to produce the right type of good firm close-jointed growth, with broad dark green leaves and well developed flower trusses. This tomato compost contains all the necessary major, minor and trace elements, both in available and slow release forms, and in the correct balance with the emphasis on potash, to give the tomato plants a good start and encourage the development of high quality sound firm fruit.

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When growing tomatoes in grow bags, it is normal to grow four tomato plants in each  standard bag of which the size is 1.10m long, 38cm wide and 15cm deep, for a long term heated crop, and five plants for short term or cold house, growing five or six trusses.

Growing tomatoes in grow bags is no different and you should raise the tomatoes in the usual way, and before planting 38cm apart, shake the compost evenly along the bag which should be placed level and square up the sides. To form a single row, lay the bags end to end. Cut out the panels along the dotted lines to form a mini-trough, leaving the cross-bands to support the sides.

Place the young tomato plants with the minimum of firming. Water thoroughly to moisten all the compost in the bag. String plants (with a non-slip loop, tied around the stem below the first leaf) to the overhead wire, and twist plants round the string in a clockwise direction. Canes should not be driven through the bags. Horizontal wires at 30cm intervals are ideal. Well fed plants carry heavy crops and must be properly supported.

After about one week when the grow-bags have settled and taken their final shape, you can puncture three drainage holes along either side of the bag about 13mm above ground level. This is not necessary unless you are going away and need to leave a sump of water in the bottom.

Keep the compost adequately moist at all times and avoid extremes of feeding and watering, especially when the plants are carrying a heavy weight of fruit. Once established, daily watering will probably be necessary, this however depends on the situation of the plants. It should always be possible to squeeze water out of the compost. Throughout the summer a vigorous plant of 1m or more growing under good conditions, requires an average 1 1/2 to 2 pints of water daily.

When growing tomatoes in grow bags, you will soon discover that they are gross feeders, so commence feeding once the first truss of fruit has formed and continue with regular feeding until the last truss is half developed.

21. August 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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