Exochorda (Pearl Bush)


Common name: Pearl bush

Family: Rosaceae

This is a small genus comprising four species of deciduous shrubs with white flowers. They are native to the Far East where they are to be found in tightly wooded areas.


exochordaPopular species and varieties

One exochorda that is widely available is Exocharda giraldii var wilsonii, a free-flowering, upright-growing shrub that reaches 3m (10ft) in height. In late spring it produces racemes of white flowers up to 5cm (2in) across.

The best known cultivar is unquestionably Exocharda x macrantha ‘The Bride’ (AGM). This forms a lax, arching shrub up to 1.8m (5ft) in height In spring the racemes of pure white flowers appear.



Soil type Most good, well-drained but moist soils, with the exception of shallow chalky types.

Planting Plant in the autumn or spring, choosing a sunny or lightly shaded spot.

Maintenance Cut out, after flowering, any weak or straggly growth.

Propagation Softwood cuttings can be taken in the summer.

Pests and diseases Normally trouble free.

19. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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