European Fan Palm: Chamaerops humilis

European fan palms are native to the Mediterranean. They may form one or more trunks and usually do not reach more 2 m (6 ft 6 in) in height when grown in containers.

If well looked after, they may flower after a few years but they will not develop fruit. They need a very sunny, airy position. This otherwise undemanding palm tolerates hot, dry conditions and even a little frost. They should only be watered moderately even in summer but not inside the leaves because this could lead to rot, as may excessive watering. Feed sparingly even during the growing season.

In winter they should be put in a cool, dark place at a temperature of 0-5° C (32—41 °F) and accustomed very gradually to light in spring. If allowed to over-winter in the house, they should be watered occasionally. They are raised from seed. Suckers may be removed in spring. They are usually not troubled by pests but the prickly stalks can be quite dangerous.

03. June 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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