English Daisies for An Old-Time Favourite Garden Display

This unusual trough, made to look like a hollowed-out log, is perfect for displaying charming English Daisies with their pom-pom flowers and fleshy rosettes of rich green leaves.

The English Daisy is a charming, old-fashioned favourite that is closely related to the lawn Daisy. In the Spring, the fleshy rosettes of oval leaves throw up masses of pretty flowers in shades of red, pink and white. Single, double and pom-pom forms are all available, and they make an ideal display for a rustic log planter.

Plant-up the log in the Autumn; the plants will grow through the Winter and produce a good show of colour in the Spring. Keep the compost just moist in really cold weather. Place the log in a sunny, or semi-shade, position and dead-head regularly to prolong flowering.


Following on English Daisies are grown as biennials and, thus, are discarded in the Summer after flowering. Replace them with Summer bedding plants, such as Geraniums and Marigolds, and when these have finished in the Autumn, plant more Daisies for the following Spring.


Place several handfuls of crocks into the bottom of the log planter and spread them out along its length. Make sure you cover the drainage holes to prevent compost from leaching out during watering.

English Daisies require a very free-draining compost, so add about a quarter by volume of horticultural grit to the mixture to improve the texture. Fill the log to within 2.5cm (1in) of the rim, firming the compost as you go.

If the Daisies are in a polystyrene tray, remove them carefully by pushing up from underneath. Take care not to damage the roots. Plant the Daisies close together in the log for a really full effect in the Spring.

Lower the roots of each plant into a small hole made in the compost, then lightly firm compost back around them with your fingertips. Water the plants in well to help them become established quickly.

12. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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