Electricity Power in the Garden

By providing the energy to drive motors, electricity can do much to lighten the load of the gardener.

The electrically-driven law n mower is an efficient, quiet machine. In the smaller cheaper models, only the cutting blades are driven by the motor and the mower still has to be pushed; the completely electric mower is propelled by the motor as well as having the cutting blades driven. Such a machine has no starting troubles, requires no engine maintenance, and will give many years of satisfactory service. There is, of course, the slight disadvantage of a trailing cable, but this can be easily overcome by working away from the power source, a simple technique which can soon be mastered.

A battery-driven mower does away with even this slight hazard. Driven at two speeds by a 12-voIt battery, it will give up to three hours mowing for each charging of the battery.


For cutting rough grass on banks and in awkward corners, there is an electrically-driven grass cutter. This has a high-tensile steel blade, mounted direct on the end of the motor shaft, which revolves at high speed. It is also useful for trimming lawn edges.


An electric hedge trimmer of the reciprocating clipper type is a first-class labour saver. It should be well maintained and used with care; and always powered through a portable transformer so that the operating voltage is reduced to 110.


These have much to offer the busy gardener and with a little practice in their use can become very useful tools indeed for hoeing between herbaceous plants, cultivating between soft fruit bushes, and preparing vegetable ground for sowing, even to actually drawing the drills for peas and beans.


An electric pump will provide the power for a stream in the garden. In large gardens, pumps can also be used for irrigation, spraying fruit trees, for straightforward pumping from wells.

16. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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