This fern has wide, lobed leaves on wiry stems. The sterile fronds have shorter stalks and broader partial surfaces, the fertile ones longer stems and narrower segments. The spore capsules form stripes along the edges of the leaves. Of the 35 species only Doryopteris pedata is readily available in the gardening trade, Breeder buds (bulbils) grow on the leaves where the leaf emerges from the stalk. These develop into tiny plantlets.

Family: Sinopteridaceae.

Origin: In all tropical countries; Doryopteris pedata only in tropical America. Terrestrial fern, grows on rocks.

Doryopteris FernPosition: Bright to semi- shady, no sunlight. The same indoor temperature all year round. Not below 16° C (61° F) during the winter.

Care: Keep evenly moist. In winter water less when temperatures are low. Sensitive to water-logging. Give low doses of fertilizer every four weeks from early spring to early autumn. Make sure ventilation is good. Repot in spring if necessary.

Propagation: From spores and offset plantlets.

Pests, diseases: None known.

01. June 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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