From the Greek dolikos, long, thele, nipple, referring to the long tubercles (Cactaceae). Greenhouse cactus plants, recognisable by their large fleshy tubercles; all have large yellow flowers followed by greenish fruits. The roots become very thick and parsnip-like.

Species cultivated

D. longimamma, thick tap root, stout tubercles, stem bright green with areole on top with several spines, central Mexico. D. melaleuca, rather shorter tubercles, otherwise similar, flowers with reddish tips to the petals, Mexico. D. uberiformis, stout tubercles, free-flowering, Mexico.


Dolichothele Pot in a regular potting compost with added sharp sand, grit and broken brick, at the rate of a sixth part; repot when the plant reaches the side of the pot or every two or three years. Place the pots on the greenhouse shelf in sunshine. Water from April to September, gradually reduce to none at all from October to March.

Temperature, any summer warmth and a minimum of 40 °F (4°C), in winter when the plants are kept dry.

Propagation is by seed sown in a good seed compost. just covering the seed with its own depth of soil, in a temperature of 70°F (21 °C). Keep the seedlings moist and shaded from sun.

10. July 2017 by Dave Pinkney
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