Deutzia – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Deutzia scabra candidissima


The deutzias flower in June, at about the same time as the philadelphus and, although their flowers lack the sweet fragrance of those of the best of the mock oranges, they are worth planting for their beauty. They are easy to grow and are not too big for small gardens as the tallest reaches only about 10 feet and most of them have a maximum height of 6 feet. Some varieties can be bought that are not much more than 4 feet tall.

One of the best is Deutzia scabra candidissima, about 10 feet tall, with pure white double flowers. ‘Pride of Rochester’ (Deutzia scabra plena) is another good double-flowered kind, the petals rosy-purple on the outside and white within.

‘Perle as Rose’ is only 6 feet tall and, therefore, suitable for more restricted spaces and has flowers that are a soft rose-pink.

Deutzia X elegantissima Deutzia gracilis, 3-4 feet, with graceful arching stems, has white flowers and is the kind forced into flower for sale in florists’ shops.

Deutzia X elegantissima, which grows to 5-6 feet, is exceptional in having fragrant flowers, clear rosy-pink in colour.

Some pruning is needed with these shrubs. They produce most of their flowers on shoots made during the previous year, so that immediately after flowering a proportion of the older branches should be cut away. However, it is inadvisable to cut away too many, as from these older branches new shoots may develop which will then flower the following season.

14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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