Decorative Submerged Aquatic Plants

Ranunculus aquatilis (water crowfoot) is one of the finest submerged aquatics for floral and foliar effects. It flowers during mid-summer with tiny glistening chalices of gold and white amongst deeply lobed, dark green, floating leaves. Its submerged foliage is finely dissected, somewhat flaccid, and of a paler hue. It grows in dense spreading masses and is useful in both still and moving water.

Hottonia palustris (water violet) must have calm clear water if it is to thrive. With handsome whorls of pale green, much divided foliage and spikes of delicate lilac or white blossoms it is a constant source of delight. Hottonia inflata is of similar habit, but has strange flower stems that are grotesquely inflated. Both have the same pattern of growth as ceratophyllum, being strongly rooted during spring and early summer, but breaking up and retreating into turions which fall to the bottom of the pool for the winter months.

Ranunculus aquatilis

01. August 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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