Day lily | Hemerocallis hybrids

These evergreen or semi-evergreen plants are native to Japan, China and Korea. In contrast to the wild species, hemerocallis hybrids are less spreading and are becoming increasingly popular as container plants. The strap-shaped, dark green leaves grow in dense clumps from the fleshy rhizomes. The large colourful flowers appear in summer.

Day lilies grow well in the sun or partial shade. They need plenty of water in order to produce buds and a compound fertilizer every two to three weeks. They should be planted in fertile soil, rich in humus. They hate being waterlogged and are best left undisturbed. Larger specimens can be divided every two or three years, either after flowering or early spring. In winter, the container should be protected against frost. During periods of alternating frost and thaw, the plant is prone to stem and leaf rot.

14. August 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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