Cytisus (Broom)


Common name: Broom

Family: Papilionaceae

Few people could fail to notice a Cytisus in full flower, covered with masses of pea-like blooms. Choose from prostrate shrubs to bushes of 4m (12ft) or more in height.


cytisus 'Compact Crimson'Popular species and varieties

Most cytisus seen in our gardens are varieties or hybrids. Among the yellows are ‘Porlock’ (AGM), a splendid choice. This forms a sizeable semi-evergreen bush which covers its branches with masses of highly fragrant golden-yellow blooms. It requires a sheltered spot ‘Burwoodii’ (AGM) is another to look out for, this time with late spring to early summer flowers of cerise, the wings of which are deep crimson, edged with yellow. One that can be relied upon to make a fine show is ‘Compact Crimson’. Very different in habit is the pineapple broom (Cytisus battandieri) (AGM). This is a good, deciduous wall shrub, growing to 4m (12ft) or more. The pineapple-scented blooms of golden yellow are produced in cone-shaped clusters in late spring to early summer.



Soil type Well-drained soil, preferably of poor, sandy type.

Planting Cytisus resent root disturbance, and are often short-lived. Plant them in a sunny corner, the best time being autumn or spring.

Maintenance Regular pruning is not required for most types. Those that flower on previous years’ growth can be cut back to half after flowering. Do not cut into old, brown wood.

Pests and diseases None likely.

19. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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