Cotoneaster Multiflorus

Cotoneaster Multiflorus



This cotoneaster is an upright shrub 2 to 4 m (6 to 13 ft) high. Other upright species that are frequently cultivated include Coioneaster bullatus and C. franchetii from western China, and C. lucid us from the Altai mountains (very good for clipped hedges). C. salicifolius, a tall, graceful evergreen from western China, has many hybrids. C. dammeri, another of the low-growing species, forms a thick ground cover and is ideal for covering banks. C. multiflorus is native to the Caucasus and western China. It grows to a height of 3 m (10 ft) and has reddish, arching branches. The fruits are scarlet, the flowers white. The variety calocarpa has longer and narrower leaves and larger fruits than the type species; the variety granatensis from Spain has downier leaves and a looser and more hairy inflorescence.

Coioneaster multiflorus is propagated by means of seeds which are stratified after harvesting and then sown the following spring or autumn. It will grow in dry and poor soil, but does best in good garden soil and tolerates partial shade. It can be planted in a number of ways: as a solitary specimen, in groups, and together with conifers or other evergreens. It is excellent for trimmed as well as uncut hedges and low screens.

30. April 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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