Cotinus (Smoke Bush)


Common name: Smoke bush

Family: Anacardiaceae

The deciduous shrub Cotinus coggyrio (AGM) has gained its common name due to its plume-like inflorescences which, by autumn, have turned a smoke-grey.


cotinusPopular species and varieties

Cotinus coggyria (AGM) has been an old favourite since its introduction to Europe in 1656. It has rounded mid-green leaves that take on fine autumn colourThere are a considerable number of forms: ‘Royal Purple’ (AGM) has deep wine-red foliage which, as autumn approaches, takes on a more reddish hue. Also similar is Notcutt’s Variety’. The popular ‘Velvet Cloak’ has deep red-purple foliage that colours well in autumn. One must not overlook the hybrid ‘Flame’ (AGM), which produces clusters of pink flowers. Its main attraction is in the autumn when the leaves turn a brilliant orange-red before they fall.



Soil type Most well-drained soils are suitable. In rich conditions these shrubs will take on reduced autumn tints.

Planting This can be carried out during autumn or spring. Choose an open, sunny spot.

Maintenance No general pruning is required. Any long, straggly growth can be shortened or removed in early spring.

Pests and diseases Mildew can become a problem; spray with a suitable fungicide.

19. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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