From the Greek koryphe, top, anthas, a flower, since the flowers appear from the top of the plant (Cactaceae). Greenhouse cacti, first introduced into this country in the seventeenth century, which can be identified by the stout spines usually in a group on an areole and shaped like a spider.

Species cultivated

C. andreae, large yellow flowers. C. asterias, globular to columnar, flowers pinkish-white. C. bu mamma, thick tubercles, yellow flowers. C. clava, taller growing, with yellow flowers. C. elephantidens, very thick, short tubercles, flowers large, pinkish-red. All from Mexico.


corypantha cactus Pot every three years in a regular potting compost, with a sixth part added of sharp sand, grit and broken brick. Position in full sun on a shelf in the greenhouse, give air on all suitable occasions, water March to September and spray in the evening after a hot day. Some types with tap roots require very deep pots. They are not as free flowering as many cacti.

10. July 2017 by Dave Pinkney
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