Corylopsis (Winter Hazel)


Common name: Winter hazel

Family: Hamamelidaceae

There are seven species of these attractive early flowering shrubs. While they are easily grown, they do require neutral or acid soil conditions, and some shelter from cold winds.


corylopsisPopular species and varieties

Corylopsis sinensis van sinensis (AGM) is a medium-sized shrub formerly listed as Corylopsis willmottiae, a native of Western China and introduced to Europe in 1900. In early spring, before the leaves appear, it produces showy racemes of yellow flowers. One species that grows to around 2m (6ft) in height is Corylopsis pauciflora (AGM), which forms a densely branched shrub. The primrose-yellow flowers are fragrant and carried in short tassels.



Soil type Lime-free and well drained.

Planting This can be done in the autumn or spring. Avoid ‘frost pockets’ and find a sheltered spot where the plants are not subjected to icy winds. Flowering early in the year, they can easily be damaged by frost. They can be grown in sun or light shade.

Maintenance There is little work required. Pruning is not necessary, only remove unwanted or damaged branches after flowering.

Propagation Take cuttings 7-10cm (3-4in) in length, with a heel, in early to mid-summer. Treat in the usual manner Alternatively, layer shoots.

Pests and diseases It is unlikely that any problems will be experienced.

19. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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