Cornus (Dogwood)

(deciduous leaf-losing)

This genus contains a number of widely different but attractive shrubs or small trees which grow from 10 to 15 ft. They are not particular about soil. Plant from October to February.

Cornus alba spaethii, grown for its winter bark colour, which is red. It also has attractive golden variegated foliage. Cut back established plants of both this form and C. stolonifera almost to the ground in March to encourage the production of new shoots, as the colour is heightened on young wood.

Cornus alba

Cornus alba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cornus florida rubra, large rosy bracts in May.

Cornus kousa, showy white bracts from May to June followed by fruits like strawberries hanging from the branches. This form and Cornus floridu rubra are the most attractive dogwoods.

Cornus mus (cornelian cherry), 15 ft., a winter-flowering kind with small yellow flowers in February followed by red berries.

Cornus stolonifera flaviramea, grown for its yellow winter bark. Cut back to the ground in March to encourage new shoots.

10. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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