Convolvulus (Shrubby Bindweed)


Common name: Shrubby bindweed

Family: Convolvulaceae

The common name for Convolvulus cneorum (AGM) should in no way discourage anyone from growing this free-flowering, low-growing shrub.

A plant from the warm parts of Europe, it should be grown in a sheltered, sunny spot, ideally where it receives protection from the elements by a south-facing wall.


convolvulus cneorumPopular species and varieties

Convolvulus cneorum (AGM) grows to around 45cm (18in) in height and seldom spreads to much more than 60cm (24in). The foliage has a silvery appearance, the large white flowers, striped with pink on the reverse, appear in mid-spring and are 5cm (2in) across. It will usually bloom at frequent intervals until late summer. This convolvulus is an ideal subject for the front of a flower border, and is most suited to a sheltered spot on a large rock garden.



Soil type Well-drained, light, sandy soil is ideal.

Planting This is best done in the spring; choose a sunny, sheltered spot

Maintenance There is little work required, as pruning is not essential, with the exception of cutting out any weak or straggly growth in the spring.

Propagation Take semi-ripe cuttings with a heel in early to mid-summer. Root them in the usual way, and overwinter them in a frost-free greenhouse. It is a good idea to keep a few young plants coming on, to replace any winter casualties.

Pests and diseases Generally trouble free.

19. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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