Container Gardening Ideas for Window Planters

My very first experience with container gardening ideas for a window planter or window box began when I used a wooden tomato basket with a metal handle and the words ‘Best Guernsey’ printed across it in red. I took off the handle, sanded down the rough wood to a finer finish, and gave the outside a coat of primer then two coats of crisp white paint. I treated the inside with wood preservative and made holes for drainage.

container gardening ideas - window planters

That weekend I screwed a couple of shelf brackets on to the kitchen window sill and hoisted the box into position, having previously filled it will soil and plants. The soil-filled box was quite heavy, and in raising it I broke off two of the flower heads. Because I had not given it sufficient thought, the box was positioned in such a way that opening the window proved impossible. Each time it rained, earth from the box was splashed on the window, and soil washed out through the drainage holes.

The site was windy, much watering was required, and on occasion my unstaked plants blew over, but apart from these teething troubles the window planter gave me great pleasure and was much admired. It lay fallow and slightly depressing all winter, until it blossomed again in the spring when it was planted with long-stemmed daffodils. That first window planter gave me a taste for container gardening ideas and taught me a lot. Since then I have had many boxes, not all of them directly under the windows. I use them a great deal nowadays in a glass porch. We have widened the small ledges on either side to make them deep enough to carry the window planters, and I have other boxes standing on the floor. They are all enchanting every bit of the year with sweet-scented hyacinths after Christmas followed by such things as mixed primroses and polyanthus, with pansies later and then geraniums.

I choose geraniums with fancy foliage so that they are pleasing even when out of bloom. I have a number of planters coming along all the time, which I recommend if at all possible. so that the effect is always bright and fresh. From the lane the whole porch looks like a small glass jewel box sparkling with colour, and in the dark winter months when the welcoming porch light goes the effect is specially magical. Plants grow well within the protection of the glazed sides and door, and I am even able to get my geraniums safely hrough the winter as we are in a fairly frost-free very high and windy situation, facing south.

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01. September 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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