Common Fig | Ficus carica

The Mediterranean fig is a member of the Moraceae family. It is a very decorative plant with beautiful foliage consisting of large, deeply lobed leaves. In addition, it produces fruit and is very easy to look after. The flowers that appear in spring are rather inconspicuous. Originally, pollination was ensured by gall-wasps but nowadays most varieties are self-pollinating.

A fig tree needs a sunny, warm position where it is sheltered from the wind. In summer it requires plenty of food and water but does not tolerate being waterlogged. In regions with a mild climate it can remain outdoors in winter if protected from cold winds. Indoors this deciduous plant can be over-wintered in a dark, cool place between 0-10° C (32-50° F). Young plants should be trimmed regularly but older specimens should only be cut back if necessary. Ficus is propagated from hardwood cuttings in late winter or from ripe greenwood cuttings in summer.

30. July 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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