Choisya – Popular shrubs for the Garden

Choisya ternata


There is one species only of this plant, Choisya ternata, more familiar to gardeners as the Mexican Orange Blossom, because of the scented white flowers it produces in clusters in May and June, though the fragrance is definitely not that of orange-blossom.

It is an evergreen, with somewhat leathery leaves, made up of three leaflets. A well-grown plant will reach about 6 feet in height but rarely more even in the warmer parts of the country and scarcely less even in the colder districts. If it is allowed ample room it may be as wide as it is high, except in shady places when it is inclined to become straggly. For this reason it is better grown in the open, although some shelter is desirable from the cutting winds, which may damage the foliage in winter. In spring it may also be affected by late frosts.

This is a good plant for chalk, but will grow on any kind of soil, even the sandy, peaty soils on which rhododendrons thrive. Usually it makes a rounded bush, well-clothed to the ground, and no pruning is needed. Occasional ‘wild’ shoots may appear to spoil the symmetry and these may be cut away.

14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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