Camellia: Camellia japonica

The camellia is a member of the Theaceae or tea family and it is native to Japan and Korea where it grows as an evergreen shrub or tree.

The flowering period stretches from late autumn to spring. Besides the flowers, which may be single, semi-double or double and range in colour from red, pink or white depending on the variety, camellias also have decorative, dark green shiny leaves. C. japonica prefers a bright to partially shaded, airy position but out of the strong midday sun.

Water regularly with lime-free water and make sure the soil does not dry out or become waterlogged. Spray the plants now and again until the buds start developing. Camellias that are lime-sensitive need weekly applications of fertilizer, ideally an azalea fertilizer. Because the buds already begin to form in summer, they must be pruned immediately after flowering, cutting back to a bud or side branch. At the same you can also taken tip -and part [?] cuttings. In winter, they must placed in a bright, cool room (5-10 degrees), over 15 degrees the buds will start to drop.

19. May 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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