Camellias require a lime-free soil or at least one that contains little lime. Plant in March or April in a loamy soil to which plenty of peat and leaf mould have been added. They are quite hardy but need the slight shelter of a tree or wall (not an east wall, as early morning sun can damage buds).

Plants are sold when very small and grow slowly, taking a number of years to reach 7 or 8 ft.

Among the hardiest are the varieties of Camellia japonica, which flower in spring:

Camellia Japonica Nobilissima

Camellia Japonica Nobilissima (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Camellia japonica Adolphe Audusson, dark red, semi-double flowers.

C.j. Comte de Gomer, pale pink double flowers striped a darker shade.

C.j. Donckelarii, crimson, semi-double flowers mottled with white.

C.j. Lady Clare, soft pink, semi-double flowers.

C.j. Nobilissima, white, double flowers.

The williamsii hybrids are also becoming popular, including:

C.  williamsii Donation, 4 in. semi-double pink flowers with a brush of yellow stamens from February to March. Noted for its dull green leaves (other camellias have highly polished dark green leaves).

07. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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