Bulbs and Bedding Plants for a Town Garden

All the more common spring-flowering bulbs will thrive for at least two or three years in a town garden; the less sophisticated kinds, such as bluebell, Spanish bluebell, Star of Bethlehem, crocus, snowdrop, winter aconite, fritillary, grape hyacinth and narcissus, including daffodils, will continue to flower for many years if planted at random in borders and rough grass. Some of the tulips, such as Tulipa kaufmanniana, T. fosteriana, and T. praestans Fusilier will do well in any sunny corner, especially if left alone for a few years on top of a low retaining wall.

Later flowering bulbs that flourish in a town garden include such lilies as Lilium candidum, L. hansonii, L. henryi, L. regale, L speciosum. L. bulbiferum croceum (syn. L. aurantiacum), L. hollandicum, and some of the new hybrids like Enchantment, Royal Gold and Golden Clarion. The summer-flowering hyacinth, Galionia candicans, is both easy and decorative in a border among shrubs.

Bedding plants such as wallflower, forget-me-not, double daisy, pansy, sweet William, polyanthus, primrose, are invaluable for providing colour in the spring. There will be few casualties if all these are planted out in very early spring.

The only special care needed for summer bedding plants is to be sure that they have plenty of water if planted during a dry spell. Small decorative and pompon dahlias withstand town conditions admirably, as do begonias, and such annuals as tagetes, calendula and nemesia.

In a town, many bedding plants, including such common ones as polyanthus, coleus, heliotrope, begonia and Bellis perennis (daisy), are best bought from a reliable nurseryman or horticultural sundriesman. Buy and plant in the spring, but beware of plants that are available too early, for this means that they have been forced and will be unable to withstand outdoor conditions. Do not plant too early either, for young plants will immediately succumb to late frosts.

16. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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