Buddleia – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Buddleia Davidii


Buddleias, at least those commonly grown, which are varieties of Buddleia Davidii (Buddleia variabilis), must be about the easiest of shrubs to grow. Perhaps because of this they are all too often neglected, and bushes 12-15 feet tall are seen producing flowers at the top and little or nothing lower down. This is one of those shrubs that flower on wood made the same year and if it is cut back in late winter it will send up new growths of varying lengths, each bearing their quota of heavily fragrant flower-spikes, covered with butterflies in late summer.

There are numerous varieties in colours such as deep violet ‘Black Night’, lavender pink ‘Charming’, deep purple ‘Dubonnet’, lilac pink ‘Pink Pearl’, reddish-purple ‘Royal Red’ and white varieties such as ‘White Bouquet’ and ‘White Cloud’.

Buddleia globosa Buddleia globosa, known as the Orange Ball Tree, is a contrast, because its orange-yellow flowers, borne in May, are ball shaped and dangle from the branches. This grows to 12-15 feet and should be pruned after flowering, shortening the shoots that have borne flowers to about half their length.

There are many other buddleias, many of them too tender for most gardens. Buddleia X weyeriana is a bit different and is a hybrid derived from the two previously described. This has ball-like flower-heads, mainly yellow and orange, but flushed or shaded with pink or mauve.

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14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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