(D=deciduous leaf-losing)

Plant buddleias in deep, loamy soil, and in warm, sunny positions in October or April.

Buddleia alternifolia, 12 to 15 ft., slender arching branches bearing tiny lilac-purple flowers along their full length in early June.

B. davidii (syn. B. variabilis), 12 ft., the most popular species, is sometimes known as the butterfly bush because its purple flower spikes are often crowded with butterflies in summer. Its varieties have lavender, violet, blue, deep purple, reddish-purple or white flowers. Needs hard pruning to ensure that it flowers freely and does not grow leggy. Cut back almost to the base each spring and the long flowering stems will quickly appear. Pruning need not be so severe if a large plant is desired, but remove dead wood regularly.

B. globosa (semi-evergreen), 15 ft., with globular, bright orange flowers in mid-summer. Needs little pruning.

B. weyeriana, 12 ft., a hybrid with attractive balls of orange flowers marked with mauve and pink in midsummer. Needs little pruning.

06. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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