Brachycome: Swan River daisy

Height 15-30cm (6-12in)

Planting distance 23cm (9in)

Flowers early summer to early autumn

Rich soil

Sunny, sheltered site

Half-hardy annual

The little Swan River daisy (Brachycome iberidifolia) is smothered with sweetly scented daisy flowers throughout the summer and into early autumn. They are set on slender stems carrying pale green filigree leaves on compact plants. These are ideal for low summer bedding and in pots, window-boxes and other containers.

Seeds are available in mixtures, producing white, pink, lavender and blue flowers, or as single colours, such as ‘Purple Splendour’ and ‘White Splendour’. The flowers of ‘Blue Star’ are almost quill-like.


English: Brachycome sp. (flowers). Location: M...

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Sow seeds in early spring under glass at a temperature of 18°C (64°F). Prick off the seedlings when large enough to handle and maintain a temperature of 16°C (61°F) until they are growing strongly. Harden the young plants off in a cold frame and transplant to the flowering positions in late spring.

Swan River daisies thrive in rich, moisture retentive soil and need full sun, preferably with some shelter.

Pests and diseases

Trouble free.

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