Box: Buxus sempervirens

Box is an evergreen plant and a member of the Buxaceae family that grows all round the Mediterranean even as trees. It is normally grown as a hedge, low edging plant or topiary. In addition, this dense, evergreen shrub is an excellent visual screen. The flowers that appear in spring are very inconspicuous.

Box will grow both in the shade and in the sun but prefers a well-drained, limy soil. Like all container plants it must be watered and fertilized regularly. Large specimens can be pruned into shapes which are then maintained by pruning every year in summer. Older plants are rejuvenated in spring. Soft wood cuttings or slightly woody cuttings can be taken between early summer and autumn. But be careful because they contain poisonous alkaloids. The container should be well insulated during the winter. If the air is too dry, the plant may be attacked by box suckers.

13. May 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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