Bold Terracotta Pots of Tulips

Plant a terracotta pot with bold Tulips and pure white bells of Heather for a short-term, but vibrant, splash of colour on the patio in Spring.

This colourful arrangement of Tulips and Heathers requires careful selection of plants to ensure that they will be in bloom at the same time. Here, Tulip ‘Stresa’, with its stripy foliage and vibrant yellow and scarlet blooms, is effectively offset by the pure white bells of Heather ‘Snow Queen’. However, many other combinations would be just as eye-catching, so spend some time browsing through bulb and plant catalogues or the garden centre.

A splash of colour

This display is designed to provide a short, but very bright, splash of colour for the Spring. When the Tulips have finished flowering, replace them with Summer bedding plants to complement the rich foliage of the Heathers.

For a cheerful Spring display, plant-up the container between October and December. When the Tulip flowers have faded, remove the bulbs and place in the warm to dry; when the foliage is crisp, remove it and store the bulbs somewhere cool until the Autumn. Then they can be put back in the pot, or planted in a border to flower next year.


Put a good handful of large crocks into the bottom of the pot, covering the drainage hole. Fill the pot with a good-quality, peat-based compost, to within 13cm (5in) of the rim, and firm gently with your fingers.

Arrange the bulbs on top of the compost, pointed ends upwards, between 3 and 5cm (1 and 2in) apart. If the rim of the bowl overhangs the compost, place the bulbs so that they can grow up straight.

Sprinkle compost on top of and between the bulbs, making sure that there are no gaps.

When the bulbs are covered, firm gently all over, then continue adding compost up to 2.5cm (1in) below the container’s rim.

Remove the Heather plants from their pots by turning them upside down and tapping each pot to release the rootball. Plant the Heathers, equally spaced, around the edges of the pot. Water the display well.

12. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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