Berberis: Berberis thunbergii

This evergreen Berberis species, a member of the Berberidaceae, originates from China and Japan. Tall varieties of this frost-resistant, densely branched shrub are often used as hedges. The lower-growing varieties are ideal for cultivating in containers while dwarf forms are perfectly suited for growing underneath.

Berberis has reddish brown, black-red or green leaves; the latter usually turning red in autumn. The yellow flowers appear in spring and later develop into coral-red berries that are poisonous. B. thunbergii thrives in sunny and partially shaded places and prefers slightly acid, well-drained soil. When grown in a container it must be watered regularly and fertilized about every two weeks. It does not mind being cut back at all although it is best to remove dead wood in spring. It can be pruned very vigorously to rejuvenate it. It is propagated from half-ripe cuttings that root very easily in summer or by division in the case of bushy species.

05. May 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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