Bedding Out and Old Fashioned Flowers


Recent years have seen a revival of formal bedding schemes where massed plants make for eye-catching displays. The large number of plants required can mostly be raised from seed.

Nemesia – Easily grown, Nemesia is quick, to flower in a wide array of colours. 30-45cm/1-1½ft

Limnanthes douglasii (Poached egg flower) – Edge a border with this sunny little flower which is loved by bees. 15cm/6in

Salvia splendens – There is nothing understated about the many red varieties of this permanently popular annual. 30cm/1ft

Felicia amelloides – Plant the blue marguerite in groups to fill any spaces left in sunny borders. 45 x 30cm/ 1½ x 1ft


Heliotrope – Somewhat less commonly used today than in the past, heliotrope (or cherry pie) is strongly perfumed. 45cm/1½ft

Petunia VI hybrids will give a constant succession of flowers from planting out until the frosts. 15-45cm/6in -1½ft

Pelargonium – Zonal pelargoniums are happiest in full sun and make ideal subjects for beds or containers. 45cm/1½ft. Often commonly named geranium, pelargoniums will not withstand frost.


A wonderful combination of tall foxgloves pushing through a husk of the hybrid musk rose ‘Penelope’ on the edge of woodland.

Polemonium reptans – The blue Jacob’s ladder will, if left, gently seed around. 30 x 45cm/1 x 1½ft

Geranium pratense ‘Mrs Kendall Clark’ – A charming geranium which fits into many colour schemes. 60 x 60cm/2 x 2ft

Lunaria annua – Strictly speaking a biennial, Honesty is most often grown for its pearly seed pods. 75 x 30cm/2 ½ x 1ft

Aquilegia vulgaris – A true cottage-garden plain, the columbine has attractive grey-green leaves. 75 x 45cm/2 ½ x 1½ft

Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ – Deep blue flowers and silvery leaves make this a very attractive plant.  60 x 60cm/2 x 2ft

Rosa gallica ‘Camaieux’ – The combination of white, pink, crimson in this old rose will excite comment. 1.5 x 1.2m/5 x 4ft

Flag irises enjoy a situation where their creeping rhizomes can be sun-baked and can look really good with gladiolus. ♦ Lift irises such as these and divide every few years.

14. April 2017 by Dave Pinkney
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