Bay laurel | Laurus nobilis

This evergreen shrub or tree (Lauraceae) is native to the Mediterranean where it can grow to quite a tall tree. It is a very popular container plant because of its cleliciously fragrant glossy, dark green leathery leaves. Bay trees seldom flower or produce fruit when cultivated because a male and female plant are needed to achieve pollination. Both leaves and berries are used as a condiment, fragrance and herbal medicine. It is ideal as an all-year round visual screen, growing happily in sun or partial shade.

In summer it must be watered regularly although it will tolerate short periods of drought. It must not be waterlogged. If the soil is fertile and rich in humus it will only need weekly applications of a compound fertilizer during the summer. Cuttings can be taken all year round. It should over-winter in a bright, cool place with a temperature of around 1-5° C (34-41 °F).

06. September 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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