Common name: none

Family: Flacourtiaceae

These evergreen shrubs originate from South America. There are several species available, and they are best grown in a sheltered spot.


azara serrataPopular species and varieties

Among those offered is Azara integrifolia which has an upright habit and can grow to around 5m (16ft) in ideal conditions. The foliage is small, glossy and dark green. In mid-winter the clusters of fragrant yellow flowers start to appear Azara microphylla (AGM) is regarded as being the hardiest, and is ideal when grown against a wall where it can easily reach to 6m (20ft) or more. It will also grow successfully in shaded areas. The clusters of flowers appear in late winter and are vanilla-scented. There is also a golden variegated form of this species.

Azara serrata has toothed, oval leaves, and it flowers in mid-summer The fragrant dark yellow blooms are held in umbels and are followed by small white berries.

A mature specimen of this species can usually reach up to 4m (12ft).



Soil type Most humus-rich, well-drained soils are suitable.

Planting This should be done in the early autumn or spring. Choose a position in partial or light shade.

Maintenance Pruning is not generally required. If necessary, any light trimming back should be done in late winter.

Propagation Semi-ripe cuttings can be taken in late summer.

Pests and diseases In ideal situations they are generally trouble free.

19. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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