Aspidistra: Aspidistra elatior

It may be hard to believe but the aspidistra has recently been classified in the Convallariaceae family, like lily-of-the-valley. This evergreen herbaceous perennial is native to China.

It is known mainly as a house plant but in summer it can also be put outdoors. While the large, leathery leaves are impressive, the flowers that develop at the base in spring are very inconspicuous. The aspidistra requires very little care and attention. It also thrives in shade but does not tolerate strong sun. It can tolerate draughts and fluctuations in temperature. In summer, it should always be kept moist and be given weekly applications of fertilizer. In winter it should be placed in bright position in a temperature of about 10° C (50° F) and kept drier.

If repotted in spring, the rhizomes can be divided and each repotted with two or three leaves attached. Watch out for spicier mites and thrips.

29. April 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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