Arromatic Accents of Pot Pourri Mixtures

Fragrant and colourful pot pourri mixtures offer endless scope for imaginative displays, while filling rooms with lingering and evocative perfumes.

Mixtures of fragrant flowers, herbs, spices and oils have been used for many centuries to perfume linens and rooms. The range of ready-made pot pourri is increasing all the time, and the variation in their appearance gives plenty of scope for imaginative displays. Colours and textures can be creatively combined with pretty and unusual containers of all kinds, to make interesting decorative focal points in a room scheme. Part of the enjoyment is in searching for just the right bowl or basket.

Pot pourri can be displayed in shallow open bowls and dishes – ranging from delicate china to robust rustic ware. Glass jars, tanks, wine goblets and vases allow all the mixture to be seen, perhaps in contrasting layers of colour. Antique wooden, copper and pewter bowls are ideal for mixtures with a strong character, and baskets of every shape and texture offer enormous potential; these can also have dried flower décorations added as part of the overall design. Large shells make appropriate containers for bathrooms.

Flower textures vary enormously. Petals can dry to look like velvet, satin, chenille or tiny scraps of filigree lace. Aromatic material, such as barks, pods, seeds, and cones, all add tremendous visual interest to pot pourri mixtures. Citrus peels and berries add robust natural character.

A colourful collection

Colours can be combined in many different ways to create floral tapestries. You might use shades of just one colour or aim for a highly contrasting effect. Groups of containers filled with co-ordinated mixes can form delightful still-life collections. Pot pourri can be complemented with dried or silk flowers, or might even match temporary fresh flower displays.

26. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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