The striking anthuriums have become very popular in recent years, the ladies in particular liking the large white, pink, red or orange spathes for use in flower arrangements. The popular name of Flamingo Flower seems particularly appropriate for these flamboyant plants. However, they are hothouse flowers and young plants need a winter temperature of at least 16°C. (60°F.). Older plants can survive with a few degrees less, but on average 16 to 18°C. (60 to 65°F.) is correct from September to March and 21°C. (70°F.) or more for the rest of the year. They need shade from hot sun.

The species most often grown for their spathes – made more spectacular by the erect or twisted yellow spadices arising from them – are Anthurium andreanum with heart-shaped leaves and A. scherzerianum with long, narrow leaves. Species grown for their beautifully veined and coloured leaves are A. crystallinum, A. veitchii and A. warocqueanum.


Anthuriums like a mixture of equal parts fibrous peat and chopped sphagnum moss with a little sand and charcoal added. The crown of the plant should be about 2 in. above the rim of the pot when potting is completed. Annual repotting is essential and this is best done immediately flowering ceases in summer. Those grown purely as foliage plants should be repotted in spring. Water must be given freely from March to November but very carefully during the rest of the year.


anthurium (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers le Midi Carême))


Increase is by division of the roots, by removing rooted suckers at the time of potting, or by seed. Seed needs a very high temperature to germinate – 21 to 27°C. (70 to 80°F.) – and should be sown in March.

01. March 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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