Agave: Agave americana

Agaves (Agavaceae) are native to Mexico but have also become naturalised in the Mediterranean. With their succulent leaves they are ideally suited to dry conditions but they require a lot of space because the leaves of their rosettes can reach a length of I m (3 ft). For safety it is advisable to cover the pointed, extremely sharp ends of the leaves, for instance with corks. Agaves only flower when 10 to 15 years old, after which the plant dies. They need a lot of sun and very little water. Always allow the earth to dry out before watering. Do not fertilize too much during the growing period, in fact give at most one or two applications of cactus fertilizer. In winter, agaves can be kept in a dark or light place at a temperature of 5° C (41 ° F) with low humidity. Keep them almost dry during this period. They can be propagated from secondary rosettes, taken from the base and potted. Agaves are not prone to pests.

17. April 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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