African Lily for an Elegant Patio Display

Adorn the Summer patio with the elegant towering spires of a graceful African Lily. Requiring little attention, it will grow and produce ever more flowers each year.

There are many types of the regal, clump-forming perennial Agapanthus, producing flowers that range in colour from the purest white to the deepest of sky blues.

African Lilies can be found as pot-grown plants at any time of the year. They can also be found dry in packets during the late Winter months and should be potted up in the early Spring. Plants grown from dry bulbs can take one or two seasons to become established. All Agapanthus will gradually increase in size and will produce more and more flowers each year.

These plants require a position in full sun and should be kept well-watered and fed during the growing season. In Winter, keep nearly dry.



Not all Agapanthus are fully hardy: while the narrow-leaved varieties will usually withstand a British Winter, broader-leaved examples will not. Stand the pots in an unheated greenhouse during the Winter months, or provide protection around the crown of the plant.


Lay some pieces of broken flower pot on a flat surface and tap them sharply with a hammer to form smaller pieces which can be used as crocks.

Put a few pieces in the bottom of the pot, particularly over the drainage hole.

To make a suitable free-draining compost, add up to a quarter by volume of horticultural grit to a basinful of potting compost. Mix the two ingredients thoroughly, and fill the pot to within 15cm (6in) of the rim, firming as you go.

Remove the African Lily from its packet or pot, tease the roots out straight and lower it into the pot, with any leaves or shoots uppermost. Take care not to damage any tender new shoots that may be forming on the root clump.

Holding the plant in the required position with one hand, fill around it with compost with the other hand, making sure that the crown of the plant is about 2.5cm (1in) below the pot rim. Firm compost gently around the crown of the plant.

10. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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