Adonis pheasant’s eye

Height 30-45cm (12-18in)

Planting distance 30cm (12in)

Flowers early and mid summer

Sunny or partially shaded site

Any humus-rich soil

Hardy annual

Pheasant’s eye (Adonis aestivalis) is the only member of this small genus grown as an annual. The cup-shaped flowers, which appear in early to mid summer, have deep crimson petals and near-black stamens. The plants grow 30-45cm (12-18in) high, accompanied by fine green fern-like leaves.

For best effect, plant in drifts at the front of a border with other annuals and biennials. It also grows well in containers.

Adonis aestivalis, summer pheasant's-eye

Adonis aestivalis, summer pheasant's-eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



For early flowers, sow the seeds in a seed bed in their final position in autumn. After germination, thin the seedlings to 15cm (6in) apart and then, the following spring, to 30cm (12in).

Alternatively sow the seeds in trays under glass in spring and transplant to the final position in late spring, setting the seedlings 30cm (12in) apart. You can also sow the seeds directly in the final flowering position in spring and thin out the seedlings, but flowering will be slightly later.

Pests and diseases

Watch out for slugs.

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